Welcome to Raceworks

Hi and welcome the raceworks blog, this site is really a place for me to catalog my projects inflict them upon an unsuspecting public. It’s also a medium for me to keep in touch with anyone who wishes to keep track of my first foray into Motorsport.

Now a little more about myself , my name is Michael and I spent my of my formative years messing around with just about any form of motorised vehicle I could manage to get my hands on. I am by no means a mechanic or automotive engineer but my misspent youth and a constant passion for asking “how is that doing that” have brought me a basic knowledge of how the all of the systems on a car function.

When I am not underneath a car which simply refuses to start, I can be found funding my passion operating CNC’s and performing a bit of alumnium fabrication as my day job is for a local architectural aluminium company here in Northern Ireland.

So really that should be enough to give you a good background into the aim behind this site, I just hope you enjoy your visit.

Many Thanks


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